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Extended Warranty Information


• Full täckning från inköpsdatum
• 100% Parts and Labour Coverage

We’ve partnered with our friends over at Consumer Priority Service to offer extended warranties for most of our products. Simply add the extended warranty on the applicable item right next to where you would add the item to cart.

What is the Extended Warranty?

It’s an upgrade to your existing manufacturer’s warranty. A CPS Warranty offers benefits that aren’t offered by your standard manufacturers warranty like accidental damage & free shipping.

So, you're already covered for manufacturer's faults but this covers you for accidental damage for three years.

If you take out the cover - for three years from purchase - if your product fails in anyway (and is over 1 699,00 kr) your product will be repaired or replaced for free. On inspection we will decide if it can be repaired or needs to be fully replaced. Carriage both ways is covered, once you've claimed. If it's under 1 699,00 kr you will be reimbursed what you paid for the product less shipping and VAT.

Hur täcks jag?

Within that 3 years if you accidently damage your product contact CPS directly below.

När börjar min garantitäckning?

Täckningen börjar den 31: a kalenderdagen från det att du köpte din produkt.

Kan jag överföra skyddsplanen till en ny ägare?

ja! CPS-garantier kan överlåtas mellan ägare.

Täcks min produkt om den är stulen eller om jag tappar den?

Tyvärr täcker inte CPS-garantin förlorade eller stulna produkter.

Finns det en självrisk?

Nothing is deducted other than on products under 1 699,00 kr where we don't cover carriage or VAT - you are just refunded the remaining balance.

Vad händer om min produkt går sönder?

You can contact CPS directly to file a claim via:

• Online på och klicka på knappen “Lägg in ett anspråk”
• Via e-post på